At community level, Hajjat Aphwa formed the Gomba Women Environment and Development Group, working with the rural woman to fight effects of Climate Change, and to improve the entire family livelihood through energy and money saving methods like cooking with briquettes instead of firewood. Several women have embraced environment protection to create businesses in planting of mainly fruit seedlings, making of local ovens, making of briquettes and growing of fruit trees and Passion fruits then sell the fruits to markets within the community and to fruit making factories others are into Chicken and goat rearing, with some in Agricultural businesses like potato, Maize, beans, Groundnuts, and vegetables growing. The starting point after sensitization, is for each member to plant 300 trees in and/or around her family garden which effort has seen over 12,000 trees planted. With further support of Alliance of Religions and Conservation (ARC) www.arcworld.org water harvesting and irrigation schemes have been introduced. This has also given birth to the Gomba Green Brigade

Gomba Green Brigade

Young men and Women in Gomba have been mobilized to help out with the actual tree planting and growing, other manual work like bush clearing, the physical construction of energy saving stoves, and the making of the Charcoal briquettes which has greatly improved their well being and also impacted their appreciation of environmental and climate change issue

Gomba Women Environment project summary work – pictorial as at December,2012